Russian National Champion /Jr. Ch. Hin Satori Yumei Na To Sonja Jesse

Ruhestand / Retired

D.O.B: October 5th 2005 - Import:  St. Petersburg, Russland

Breeder: Elena Shevchenko of Hin Satori

Sire: CH INT, RUS, GRAND, EST, FIN, CW Hin Satori Bionichi Kin

Dam: Hin Satori Shiy Say


< Winner of Best Puppy Bitch class at the Spring National Specialty in Moscow, April 16th 2006: Hin Satori Yumei Na To Sonja Jesse at 6 months. At 8 months she won Best Puppy Bitch at the White Nights show in St. Petersburg on June 25th. Baltika has just turned 9 months. On the 8th of July she won her first Junior CAC.

Beste Welpenhündin der Frühling-Spezialzuchtshau in Moskau, am 16. April 2006: Hin Satori Yumei Na To Sonja Jesse mit 6 Monaten. Mit 8 Monaten gewann sie Best Puppy Bitch in der Weißen Nächte Austellung in St. Petersburg am 25. Juni 2006. Am 8. Juli gewann sie ihren ersten Jugend CAC.

9 Months old, winning her first JCAC.

Mit 9 Monaten

 She is 10 months old on this foto and is developing into a lovely little lady. She earned 5 Junior CACs as of yet from the RKF and has earned 2 BJCs from the IKU. She is a classic type chin with an unclassic color. This type of chin is my favourite and I want to thank Elena Shevchenko for this beautiful dog.

Auf diesem Foto ist Baltika 10 Monate alt. Sie hat 5 Jugend CACs vom RKF und 2 BJCs vom IKU..

Baltika won her Century-Youthchampion title in Dortmund Germany on the 15th of October with Judge Simpson from Great Britain.

Baltika hat ihren Jahrhundert-Siegerintitel in Dortmund Deutschland gewonnen mit Richter Simpson.

February 17th 2007: Balitka wins Best of Breed in two shows on the same day, earning her two CACs . She qualifies for her Russian championship! Thank you to Judge Homasurilze, who is a expert in Japanese Chins and Judge Ilinichna for these fabulous wins! Both Judges commented on her lovely color!

Am 17. Februar gewinnt Baltika an zwei Austellungen BOB. Sie gewinnt dabei zwei CACs und ist damit für den russichen Championtitel qualifiziert! Vielen Dank an Richter Homasurilze und Richterin Ilinichna!

April 8th 2007: Baltika wins first in her class at the 2007 Easter Chin Specialty in St. Petersburg Russia! Along with this win she wins winners bitch with a CAC in  yet another dog show that same weekend! Yay! Her Russian Chamiponship title is in the works!

Hurray for Champions!

Baltika is now officially a National Russian Champion. She is my first Junior National Russian Champion. She is an excellent example of the red and white sable chin.

Thank You Elena for this gorgeous chin!

Baltika is a very loveable mother! She produces beautiful offspring! Here is an xray of her second litter. Can you count how many puppies shes carrying?

Baltika is eine sehr gute Mutter. Sie erfreut uns mit wunderschönen Nachwuchs! Hier ist eine Röntgenaufnahme von ihrem zweiten Wurf. Wie viele Welpen kannst du zählen?

Baltika hat uns im Oktober 2014 verlassen. Wir sind alle sehr traurig. Baltika sadly died in October 2014.

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